Maintheme is a small,

family run business.

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers into that family and making sure that they are happy, excited and above all, satisfied with the product we are installing into their homes.


We strive to exceed customer expectations, and we endeavour to go above and beyond to make sure we install every product correctly so it stands the test of time.

"The Solutions you Need"


At Maintheme, this is our slogan and the philosophy we work by everyday. When a customer comes to us with a problem, we will work harder than anyone else to find a solution that suits both you and your home.

With over 30+ years experience in the window furnishing industry, we are perfectly equipped to help you decide what solution is best for you, what products fit your needs, measure and custom-make your chosen product, and install it with our 2 year parts and services warranty.


Being a small company enables us to offer very competitive prices on most products we sell.

We oversee the quotation, manufacture and install processes making sure that the product going into your home is of the highest quality and will not fail. If you have any questions on what we can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to reply as soon as we can.